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The way the fees and charges for your specific situation will be structured is always discussed in advance.
VAT at 21% has been charged on fees and charges since 1st January 2014.

The fees you pay are the financial remuneration charged for the intellectual work carried out by the lawyer you work with. Fees are usually charged on an hourly basis.
Billable hours are hours that are demonstrated to have been worked on a specific matter – for example studying a case, negotiations, drafting legal statements and conclusions, arguing cases and so on.
To be able to provide clients with our services, time is also charged that cannot be specifically accounted for, such as the running of the office, accounting, training, etc. An amount to cover these areas is included in the hourly charge.
The actual hourly rate charged is geared to the importance of the case, the experience of the lawyer dealing with it and the level of complexity, as well as the urgency involved, the result and/or the client’s ability to bear the cost.
For certain services, the fee charged may consist of an agreed amount or percentage (also see below: Debt Recovery).

These are the demonstrable expenses, including staffing costs, incurred on behalf of the client.

maxius makes the following charges:
opening a new case, including archiving: € 75
correspondence and word-processing: € 10 per page
registered mail: € 10
telephone: € 2.50 per outgoing call
fax: € 2.50 per outgoing fax message
photocopying: € 0.50 per page
colour copies: € 2.50 per page
scanning: € 0.50 per page
travel: € 0.60 per km
advance charges (these do not incur VAT): based on actual expenditure
(certificates, extracts, bailiff charges for serving writs, service and execution,
court fees, etc.)
Depending on the nature of the case, charges may also be estimated as
a fixed percentage of the fee.

Debt Recovery
For debt recovery assignments, we use special rates for fees and charges.
For example, in the case of a successful recovery of a debt, the fee is usually
a percentage of the amount recovered or a fixed amount agreed in advance.
This latter method is a good way, particularly for smaller debts.
In some cases, we can also work with a fixed amount for charges.
We work out a system that suits each client so that the recovery of unpaid
invoices (and other debts) can be handled in an efficient and cost-effective way.

Legal assistance
If you have a legal assistance insurance policy, the charges for advice and defending
you, as well as the cost of medical and technical advisers, plus court costs will be
paid for by your legal assistance insurer, within the limits of the cover.