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familie en erfrecht
handelsrecht en ondernemingsrecht
invorderingen en beslag
milieurecht, stedenbouwrecht
arbeidsrecht, sportrecht


The term 'mediation' is where the parties, voluntarily and under the guidance
of an independent mediator, try to find a resolution themselves to a dispute.
A mediator mediates on all kinds of conflicts. For example, disputes between
business partners, between employers and employees, or disputes in associations
or in the world of sport.
The aim of mediation is to avoid court proceedings. With the help of a mediator,
both parties can win. This is of particular benefit for parties where there continues
to be a relationship. Through mediation, it is the parties themselves that determine
the outcome.
Mediation is also less expensive than court proceedings and the parties do not run
the risk of being ordered to pay court costs.
A major advantage of mediation is its private nature. Confidential information is not
made public, as it would be in a court case.
This means that mediation is the ideal tool for managing conflicts effectively.