Criminal law and criminal procedure

Violations, offences and crimes: only the best legal defence by a criminal law attorney will do when you become involved in a criminal case. Our experts examine your case in depth and carefully follow your case if you are questioned or summonsed or if you are the victim of a crime. We communicate transparently and honestly and ensure that you are never alone. 

> >maxius advocaten is your specialist in all aspects of criminal law. Our passionate criminal lawyers will do their utmost to provide you with the best legal defence. 

Criminal law and criminal procedure lawyer 

We advise you as your counsel during the entire criminal case. Questions about your rights? Uncertain about the further course of the case? You can count on us! 

  • Criminal law in all its aspects 
  • Criminal mediation
  • summary proceedings
  • preventive custody
  • traffic violation, forgery, misuse of trust and scams, threats and stalking, sexual offences, assault and battery, injuries, theft and extortion 
  • Defence in drug, hormone and doping offences, environmental offences, receipt of stolen goods and money laundering, social criminal offences 
  • Civil party 
  • Assistance in interrogation (Salduz)

maxius operates from the central regions of Leuven and Brussels for private and professional clients throughout Belgium. 

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