Liability and insurance law

You can get involved in a damage case in several ways in a private or corporate capacity, which often leads to a complicated tangle of liability issues. You may for instance be involved in a labour conflict or traffic accident, or suffer damage caused by a fire or a medical error. Our lawyers have the necessary expertise to address your problem together with you. 

> > maxius advocaten is your expert in legal assistance regarding liability and insurance. We will guide you from the first to the last step. 

Lawyer for liability and insurance law

Our experts put everything in place to bring your liability case to a satisfactory conclusion. What can you contact us for? 

  • Processing of claims 
  • Cases of bodily injury 
  • Damages under traffic law 
  • Medical liability Environmental liability 
  • Governmental liability 
  • Occupational accidents 
  • Scope of insurance coverage, subrogation, expiry of coverage, recourse 

maxius works from the central regions of Leuven and Brussels for private and professional clients throughout Belgium.

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