Recovery and seizure

Defaults and unpaid bills can cause many unnecessary headaches. Get professional advice from our claims and seizure legal specialists to mitigate risks and maintain good customer relations. We will advise and guide you before, during and after the recovery and make transparent agreements, fully tailored to your case.

> > maxius advocaten specializes in recovery and seizure. Worried about defaults or unpaid bills? We will make sure that you recover your claims. 

Lawyer for claims and seizure 

Burdened by defaulters? Our lawyers will find the right solutions for your company. 

  • Collection 
  • Loan agreements 
  • Consumer credits 
  • Mortgage loans 
  • Bank loans and credit law 
  • Guarantees 
  • Liens and sureties 
  • Preventive and executive seizure 
  • Declaration of claim 
  • Property redemption 
  • Bankruptcy disputes 
  • Postponement of payment 

maxius operates from the central regions of Leuven and Brussels for private and professional clients throughout Belgium. 

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