Costs and fees

The prospective fees and costs for your specific situation are always discussed in advance. VAT at a rate of 21% has been applicable on fees and costs since 1 January 2014. 


The fee is the financial compensation for the lawyer’s intellectual work. It is usually calculated on an hourly basis. Chargeable hours are hours that are identifiable in a particular case, for example the study of a case, negotiations, drafting submissions, pleading, etc. In order to be able to provide services to a client, there are hours of work that are not specifically quantifiable, such as the organization of the office, accounting, retraining, etc. The charge for this component is contained in the hourly rate. The hourly rate is commensurate with the importance of the case, the experience of the lawyer handling it, the level of difficulty, urgency, the result and/or the capacity of the client. In certain cases, the fees can consist of an agreed flat-rate amount or a percentage (see also below: Collection). 


These are identifiable expenses, including personnel costs, incurred on behalf of the client. maxius charges them as follows: 

Depending on the nature of the case, the costs can also be fixed on a percentage of the fees. 

Office costs 

  • opening a new file and archiving files: €75 
  • correspondence and word processing: €10/page 
  • registered letter: €10 
  • telephone: €2.50/outbound call fax: €2.50/outbound 
  • fax photocopy: €0.50/page 
  • colour copy: €2.50/page 
  • scan: €0.50/page 
  • Travel: €0.60/km 

Administrative charges

 According to actual expenditure (DPA deposit – filing of submissions, documents and letters; search in national register, translation costs, etc.) 

Advanced costs

Advanced costs (no VAT payable on this item): according to actual expenditure (copy of criminal file, copy of judgement, court fees, certificates, bailiff's costs for summons, service, documents, excerpts, etc.) 


We apply special rates for fees and costs for collection purposes. In the event of successful recovery, the fees will generally be a percentage of the amounts collected or a pre-agreed lump sum. The latter is particularly interesting in smaller claims. In some cases, the costs can also be fixed. We work out a customized system for each client to ensure that the recovery of unpaid invoices (or other claims) is carried out in an efficient and cost-effective manner. 

Legal assistance

If you have taken out legal assistance insurance (within the limits of the coverage), the costs of advice and defence, including those of medical or technical advisers, and the court fees will be charged to your insurer.

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