Everyone is confronted with a conflict at some point. For instance, you may clash with your business partner, become embroiled in a quarrel with neighbours or in a family conflict. This does not have to lead to a painful break-up or legal proceedings. We are convinced that we can find a constructive solution through mediation to everyone’s satisfaction. We bring our expertise to bear for both individuals and businesses. 

> > maxius advocaten has extensive experience in conflict mediation. As a mediator, we help all parties to reach mutual understanding. We strive for a constructive solution. 

Lawyer mediation 

We bring all parties to the table of their own will to find a solution. We provide support as an independent and impartial mediator during talks where all views are addressed. 

  • There are no losers in mediation, only winners. You determine the final result together with the counterparties. 
  • Mediation is conducted discreetly in a private environment. Unlike in legal proceedings, no confidential information is disclosed.
  •  Do you dread proceedings before the court? Mediation can be the solution. 

maxius, your law firm specializing in mediation, works from the central regions of Leuven and Brussels for clients throughout Belgium. 

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